About Us


Rob and Craig first met while attending 3rd grade at Princeton Elementary where they forged a friendship of 37 years and counting.  Rob joined the Navy after high school, where he served more than 9 years during two military conflicts, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, while Craig attended and graduated technical college to begin a 20-year career as a project engineer.  Rob elected to leave the military for civilian life but remained in California for 10 years where he worked for a print and mail facility. The knowledge gained set the tone for his career and the drive to be one of the best in the industry. Within the first 6 months company sales had almost doubled which he credits to strong customer service and vendor relations.  His expertise and high sales volume allowed him to keep his position working remotely when moving back to Texas in 2012.

Craig continued to work as an engineer for 10 yrs during the “Telecom-Boom”.  As jobs and opportunities began moving offshore, Craig researched and noticed a high demand for Medical Device Engineers.  He also noticed the medical field was stable, growing and insulated from the ups and downs of the economy.  Craig re-branded himself and went to work for medical device manufacturer as an entry level technician.  After a short time, he expanded his skill set and was promoted to an engineer, where he continued to excel.  Craig went on to become the responsible project engineer for the company’s most complex and most lucrative product line, comprised of assemblies and equipment designed to stop and restart the human heart during open heart surgery.  10 years later, Craig accepted a position as an Account Executive in the print and mail business working alongside Rob.  A few years after that?  Well, here we are, business owners that understand the ins and outs of the industry!